Abhayalayam - THE STORY

“Abhayalayam is a Charitable Trust registered with the Government of Kerala, India since 1999 (Registration No. ER 284 - Samadhan Welfare Service Society). Founded with the intention of providing a safe home with food, clothing and medicines, for the homeless and disabled from the streets. Abhayalayam is equally focused on helping the mentally challenged to live in an environment where they are cared for, loved and understood.

N O Sebastian – The Guardian Angel of Abhayalayam

N O Sebastian is a social activist, widely recognised for his numerous social and welfare activities. He laid the foundation for Abhayalayam Charitable Trust in 1998. Abhayalayam is the brainchild of N O Sebastian who dedicated his life to the betterment of mentally-challenged individuals.During one of his endevoures to travel through all the states of India by foot, he met Mother Theresa. Her life inspired him to do something for the poor and miserables of the society.

He started the institution in a rented house with only two mentally challenged children over 20 years ago. Later, sold his property to build a shelter for the mentally challenged which housed 23 men. The in-mates here are educated by him and he has fully dedicated his life to help these people whom he consider as his own children. He takes care of all their needs including food, medicines and stay.

This elderly man believes that persons with mental disabilities deserve a life of dignity. He can do it only with the support of generous hearts. For Abhayalayam, to continue to strive as a truly successful endeavour any support financial or otherwise is welcome from anyone who are ready to help.